Night in hotel or riad

The hotel is the ideal option for couples, for gourmets, for family vacations, for vacations in the countryside, for outdoor recreation and for rest in eco-hotels.

Morocco, the gateway to Africa, is blessed with a rich heritage that goes back a thousand years. Yet, this is a country whose history is not frozen, but is alive and kicking, thanks to its vibrant culture. And there’s nothing as quintessentially Moroccan as its riads!

Night in royal camp

Get lost in a sea of sensations, leads to limit your borders and dive with us in the middle of the Sahara desert and enjoy a magical stay in a unique environment with all the comforts in the wild desert.

Inside the camp, you will find a space of tranquility as you have often dreamed of.

Our goal is to meet the need of our customers and provide them with the best quality service. Our guests come to us for an authentic experience of the Berber life. Of course, this also includes experiencing all the desert has to offer. For you, this may be a camel trek into the dunes to experience the awe-inspiring desert at sunrise or sunset.

Night in nomad camp

Spending one or more nights in a nomad camp is the best way to live the nomad Berber’s life experience. Add to this to have a very good idea about the way of living of nomads and Berbers.

Whether you plan to come alone, as a couple, or as a group of family or friends. There is a place for everyone. Nomad camp is a great choice if you want to live the real nomad experience life and have a different yet enormous feeling throughout your journey.
Because our absolute priority is your satisfaction.

We put at your disposal all the necessary means to make your stay in Merzouga a great experience. For this reason, we do our best to ensure your comfort by equipping well our Nomad camp. Our nomadic tent is well equipped with comfortable beds. Also, the mattress is of very good quality. And well-equipped bathrooms.


Excursion to Rissani

Rissani is a town that belongs to Errachidia Province in the South East of Morocco, located near Erfoud. It is the closest town of significant size to the Erg Chebbi, which is the largest sand dune desert in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.
The mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif, the third great-grandfather of Moulay Cherif, founder of the Alaouite Dynasty of Morocco, is located on the southern edge of Rissani. this town that can be called the center of the capital of the Tafilalet region is mostly known for its big Souk, it has almost everything you would need, from all kinds of dates (yes there are soo many kinds of dates) to clothes and textile to even animals such as sheep, goats, and cows. merchants from all the nearby villages (called KSARs) come 3 times a week to sell and buy goods, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The town is the marketplace for all those villages.

Cooking class

Our half day or full day Merzouga Berber cooking class will allow you to learn how to prepare a traditional Moroccan starter and main course. At the end of each session, the apprentice chefs enjoy their own creations in the magical setting of Berber house. Our cook is pleased to offer the participants a nice meals with dessert at the end of the cooking class..

We invite you to discover the rich flavors, aromas and colours of traditional Moroccan cuisine. You will learn best recipes handed down for generations. If you truly want to understand the culture of Sahara in Morocco, a cooking class in Merzouga is one of the best things to do while in Sahara desert.


What is henna?

Henna is a type of plant that grows in the Mediterranean area. The leaves of the henna plant are ground to form a fine powder, which is then mixed with water to create a thick mud-like paste. Artists use a brush, stick, or fine plastic nozzle to apply the paste to the skin, creating intricate patterns and designs on various parts of the body. It is common to drizzle a mixture of sugar with either lemon or lime juice over the completed design to help seal the pattern and enhance the color. Some people wrap plastic film around the design for a few hours to encourage longevity. The paste hardens and eventually cracks and falls away from the skin, leaving behind the colorful pattern on the skin. Henna designs can last for several weeks. In Morocco, it is most common for people to decorate their hands and feet with henna.

Henna can also be used to color the hair and nails. Muslim men may also dye their beards with henna.

From Marrakech aéroport to the Medina

We offer you impeccable transfer service between Marrakesh airport to Medina.

Service provided by a private driver approved by the Moroccan state and luxury cars for your transfers between Menara airport in Marrakesh to the Medina.

Choose from our vehicles the one that suits you the most, and book now your car with a personal driver in Marrakesh to drive you to the Medina safely.

Transfer to other places

Choose the place and we will be there for you any time and any day we welcome you and we will drive you to your hotel safely, in Merzouga, Marrakech, or Fez you choose the place.

Transfer from fes to Merzouga

Experience the scenic beauty of the Middle Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert on a 2-day small group tour from Fes to Erg Chebbi. See Berber villages on the sides of the mountain and ride a camel to spend the night at a Berber camp in the desert.

Camel excursion for seeing sunset

The Sunset Camel Ride in Merzouga is an occasion to discover the peace and timelessness of life in the desert on this guided sunset tour from the village of Merzouga. Climb aboard a camel and travel across the sea of Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Then watch a stunning sunset in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

Merzouga Sunset Camel Trekking Tour begins at around 5:30 pm. It takes almost half an hour to reach the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi Merzouga riding a camel. Then, we will leave the camels at about 80 meters to reach the highest dune of Merzouga.

At Merzouga Trip, we offer suitable Sunset Camel Trekking tours for all categories: groups, families, Students, Couples, or a group of friends getting together to have a fun day out.