Night in the middle of the desert

This desert trip begins in the evening. We organize the overnight camel ride in the desert from your hotel near the dunes. The camels will be loaded with food (dinner and breakfast), blankets and everything we will need for our trip.

Immerse yourself in the culture and natural beauty of the Merzouga desert on this One-night small-group camel-trekking tour. Exerience how the Nomads have traveled through the desert for centuries as the sun sets over the golden coloured dunes of the Erg Chebbi. After a night under the star-studded desert sky, Beginning of a great day in the middle of the Sahara Desert with a panoramic sunrise that worth waking up to watch. After waking up, take a shower a healthful breakfast will be waiting for’ll ride your camel back to Merzouga.

4 days from fes to Merzouga

The 4 Days Fes To Merzouga Desert Tour is one of Morocco’s Round Trips from Fez.

4 Days From Fes to Merzouga via Erg Chebbi dunes allows you to navigate the authentic Moroccan culture. Visit Erg Chebbi Dunes Today is made easy with our famous tours.

Night with nomad family

Night whit a nomad family in Merzouga desert. Imagine guiding a camel as a nomad of the Sahara desert. Cross the Orange sands of the dunes of Erg Chebbi on the back of a Dromedary and choose one of the tours through the dunes we offer.

You will visit a Nomad family, who are living under Berber tent and who are taking care for herd of cattle, goats, and camels, you will be introduced to family members and getting to know about their way of life while enjoying the taste of a nice cup of tea and enjoy a delicious special dinner.

Night in nomad camp

Spending one or more nights in a nomad camp is the best way to live the nomad Berber’s life experience. Add to this to have a very good idea about the way of living of nomads and Berbers.

Whether you plan to come alone, as a couple, or as a group of family or friends. There is a place for everyone. Nomad camp is a great choice if you want to live the real nomad experience life and have a different yet enormous feeling throughout your journey.
Because our absolute priority is your satisfaction.

We put at your disposal all the necessary means to make your stay in Merzouga a great experience. For this reason, we do our best to ensure your comfort by equipping well our Nomad camp. Our nomadic tent is well equipped with comfortable beds. Also, the mattress is of very good quality. And well-equipped bathrooms.


Yoga and meditations

This yoga and walking trip is open to everyone, whatever your level. Scalable courses for beginners and those with years of experience have been designed. Fueled by everyone’s energy, benevolence and the beauty of the landscapes, this trip offers you a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries and deepen your practice in the best conditions.

You will practice every morning (hatha yoga) before breakfast and in the late afternoon (hatha yoga – yoga nidra) and in the evening there will be meditation around the fire.

Cooking class

Our half day or full day Merzouga Berber cooking class will allow you to learn how to prepare a traditional Moroccan starter and main course. At the end of each session, the apprentice chefs enjoy their own creations in the magical setting of Berber house. Our cook is pleased to offer the participants a nice meals with dessert at the end of the cooking class..

We invite you to discover the rich flavors, aromas and colours of traditional Moroccan cuisine. You will learn best recipes handed down for generations. If you truly want to understand the culture of Sahara in Morocco, a cooking class in Merzouga is one of the best things to do while in Sahara desert.

Traditional hammam & Massage

Enjoy this ancient traditional ritual and discover the magic of the hammam.

Traditional Ritual (1hour 45‘) 

Hammam + scrub whit black soap + body mask whit rassoul + scrub feet + soap + shampoo + shower + 1 hour massage.

The steps of the hammam

After a passage in the Tepidarium, a humid room where the temperature is generally 36 °, useful for acclimatizing, follows the cleansing of the body with the savon noir, this step in fact defines the purifying phase. We then move on to the Calidarium (45 °) where the powerful action of the humidity of the steam promotes sweating and makes the skin radiant. The steam bath favors a significant loss of liquids (ideal for those suffering from water retention), so it is advisable to rehydrate, in fact in the structures there is always a relaxation room with herbal teas, mint tea and fruit which can be accessed at any time .

Now the skin is ready to receive the gommage, the exfoliating phase, performed vigorously with the kassa glove and then the body wash; in this step there are various treatments to choose from: from draining and detoxifying massages, to hair wraps, up to masks and face treatments, for which natural raw materials are used such as Shea Butter, Aleppo Black Oil-based Soap of olive, 100% pure Argan oil, sweet Almond oil and Ghassoul.

It ends with an immersion in the Frigidarium (28 °) tub of cold water that closes the pores and has a strong toning effect.

In the Arab world, the rite is initially imbued with religious significance, as a purification practice that allows one to get closer to God and, as well as a ritual of well-being, it is intense as a place of aggregation.

Today, when we think of similar places, atmospheres of a thousand and one nights come to mind, oriental settings, a timeless and evocative place made of harmonious scents and sounds that makes us immerse ourselves in another culture and in a state of pure relaxation where the ancestral properties of water take on a special meaning of psychophysical well-being combined with the concept of deep cleansing.




Choose your aéroport

Choose the aéroport and we will be there for you any time and any day we welcome you and we will drive you to your hotel safely, in Merzouga, Marrakech or Fez you choose the choice.

From Fes aéroport to the Medina

We offer you impeccable transfer service between Fes airport to Medina.

Service provided by a private driver approved by the Moroccan state and luxury cars for your transfers between Fes aéroport to the Medina.

Choose from our vehicles the one that suits you the most, and book now your car with a personal driver in Fes to drive you to the Medina safely.

From Marrakech aéroport to the Medina

We offer you impeccable transfer service between Marrakesh airport to Medina.

Service provided by a private driver approved by the Moroccan state and luxury cars for your transfers between Menara airport in Marrakesh to the Medina.

Choose from our vehicles the one that suits you the most, and book now your car with a personal driver in Marrakesh to drive you to the Medina safely.